Lifelong Learning Pilot Initiative, Sept – Dec 2015


Communiversity Programme



The Communiversity programme is a programme whereby sessions are discussion based and very much directed by the interests of participants, with no assignments. Providing participants with the opportunity to sample facilitated discussions and debates of higher education in the familiar surroundings of their local community.


Entry Requirement:


  • Primary level education


  • Numeracy & Literacy are not an issue as sessions are all discussion based with no assignments.


  • 18 yrs + (Preferably good mix of ages with good gender balance)




Programme is free of charge to all participants.


Participant Places:


50 Participants:

  • 25 participants, Dundalk Programme - priority given to those residing in Muirhevnamor & Redeemer Communities.


  • 25 participants, Drogheda Programme – priority given to those residing in Moneymore, Yellowbatter & Rathmullen Communities.


Delivery dates:


  • Programme to commence in Dundalk on Tues 29th Sept and run until Tues 8th Dec 2015.


  • Programme to commence in Drogheda on Thurs 1st Oct and run until Thurs 10th Dec 2015.


  • Sessions take place 1 morning per week for a period of 2hrs, 10:30am – 12:30pm.


  • Programme will break for the Halloween mid-term (week commencing Oct 26th), however we may include an additional session on Career Guidance during this week.


  • Sessions will take in Louth County Library, a central location between all communities.


Session Breakdown:


Session 1 (Taster Session) – Participants are provided with an overview of the chosen 3 subject areas for this programme. Please see possible subject areas below.


Sessions 2 – 4 (Subject 1)


Sessions 5 – 7 (Subject 2)


Sessions 8 – 10 (Subject 3)

On completion of the programme, participants will be invited to attend a Presentation Ceremony in NUI Maynooth. This ceremony will take place in Jan/Feb 2016, and will consist of the following:


  • Presentation of certificates
  • Refreshments
  • Tour of NUI Maynooth Campus                


Transport will be provided to and from NUI Maynooth.



Subjects Areas:


1)    Local History                                5) Philosophy                                  9) Mathematics                                 13) English


 2) Community Development               6) Psychology                                 10) Geography


 3) Economics                                     7) Sociology                                     11) Community & Youth Work


 4) Politics                                           8) Anthropology                              12) Equality & Social Activism



Please see below recommendations with explanation for each from NUI Maynooth


  • Local History can be a good module to start with as it makes people comfortable and allows them to settle in. History of their local area which may also include a walking tour of the area.


  • Community Development can be a good subject to give people an appreciation of the work of local Community Development Programmes.


For more information please contact Jacqui Ward by email or phone 0429330288.