Rollout of the TÚS Community Work Placement Initiative in Co. Louth
The TÚS initiative is rapidly gaining pace with the placement of participants on the fourth scheme in Co. Louth in the run up to Christmas. Each scheme consists of a Supervisor and twenty participants, all interviewed, assessed, profiled and carefully matched to meet the skill set, personality and values required to fulfil the specific needs of job sponsor organisations from the community, voluntary and not for profit sector.
There is no application process for unemployed people on TÚS, instead prospective participants are selected at random from the unemployment register, and contacted by their social welfare office. Participants work 19.5 hours a week and the placement lasts 12 months.
The TÚS initiative offers a wide range of meaningful and quality work placements including: social care of all age groups and people with disabilities, coaching of sporting activities, community development, administration, caretaking, renovation and event management and work in support of cultural and heritage activities including environmental activities.
Current job sponsor organisations throughout Co. Louth include, the Irish Wheelchair Association, Action Against Addiction (N.E), Men’s Sheds, Ardee Celtic, Women’s Aid, Comhaltas Ceoltoiri and a multitude of District Development Groups, local Tidy Town Committees, Family Resource Centres and Charities.
If your Community or Voluntary organisation is interested in getting skilled resources whilst providing TÚS work opportunities that would benefit the local community, contact Mavis Kelly on 041 6857374 / email: for more information or an application form.
Overseeing the first delivery of cleaning clothes from Action Against Addition to Drogheda Hire were TÚS participants Marita Synowzik, Alan Byrne, Oliver Dowd TÚS Team Leader - Louth Leader Partnership, and William O’Keefe, with Fr. Iggy O’Donovan, Cllr. Richie Culhane and Pierce Martin of Drogheda Hire.
At the official opening of "Butterfly Boutique", Carrie Cowan, of Drogheda Women’s Refuge with Mayor Kevin Callan and TÚS participants: Jacqueline Matthews, Veronica Callan and Danielle Leech who are members of the Butterfly retail team.