Louth Leader Partnership is the top performing LEADER company in the country

The latest comparative analysis released by The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government show that Louth Leader Partnership has been ranked as the top performing LEADER company in the country.  Grant draw downs or the lack of spend in the present programme has been well documented in the media over the last few years with Local Development Companies put under pressure to ensure that all funds committed are spent and drawn down by 31st December 2014.  However, these latest figures show that there is no such problem in County Louth, with the most recent figures showing Louth Leader Partnership at 99% spent, from an overall allocation of €7.2m.  This compared with the lowest at 59% and shows the company has performed tremendously well in implementing LEADER Programme and is now perfectly placed to be one of the first out of the blocks for the commencement of the next LEADER Programme which is earmarked to start sometime towards the end of 2015.